Dear Abby: Should I report that my co-worker didn’t use the award money as intended?

DEAR ABBY: I have a moral and ethical dilemma. I nominated a co-worker for a benefit through our company. The person was awarded what I consider to be a good sum ($5,000) for replacement hearing aids.

Seven months have gone by and this person “still has the check” and hasn’t used the money for its intended purpose. They bought two “beater” cars and took a trip to New York City.

I feel like I was duped. Should I call the hotline and let the foundation know my suspicions, or let it go?

I feel that this person got away with what I feel are dirty deeds. What to do?


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DEAR REGRETTING IT: “What to do” is contact the foundation that sent the generous check, explain your concerns and leave the ball in their court. They may, indeed, wish to follow up — and possibly inform the police — if there was fraud involved.

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