City of Santa Cruz works to stabilize collapses on West Cliff Drive

One way, westbound traffic begins at Columbia Street and West Cliff Drive due to recent collapses. (Aric Sleeper / Santa Cruz Sentinel)
One way, westbound traffic begins at Columbia Street and West Cliff Drive due to recent collapses. (Aric Sleeper / Santa Cruz Sentinel) 

Some nearby residents such as Mike Vann, who’s lived in Santa Cruz since the 1980s hopes that the city stops spending money on patching the coastal road and instead take steps to transform it into a permanent one-way street.

“I am infuriated that they’re going to dump more money into this project that clearly doesn’t work,” said Vann. “They really need to make this a one-way but it seems like they’re prioritizing very wealthy people’s vacation homes when scarce funds could be used on many other things.”

The city asks the public to observe all signage and barricades especially as the temporary traffic control plan is subject to change and sections of roadway may be closed periodically.

For information about road closures and construction updates on West Cliff Drive, visit

SANTA CRUZ — In response to the recent collapses of the sidewalk and portions of the roadway on West Cliff Drive, after recent winter storms, the city of Santa Cruz is Cruz has implemented temporary measures to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe while maintaining access to the damaged areas for nearby residents.

“I think the response from the city has been really good,” said westside Santa Cruz resident Jamie Nemecek. “They’ve been really proactive about keeping people safe and taking care of the coast.”

The city’s temporary traffic control plan for West Cliff Drive traffic includes only allowing one-way westbound vehicular traffic between Columbia Street and Woodrow Avenue. Two-way bike and pedestrian access are open in the closed lane in that stretch. On-street parking on this section of West Cliff Drive is prohibited due to the limited roadway width. West Cliff Drive between Almar Avenue and the bridge east of David Way will be open to local traffic only with shared lanes for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

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The bridge at Bethany Curve will remain closed to vehicular traffic but will remain open for bicycling and walking. Detour signage will direct vehicular traffic via Almar Avenue, Delaware Avenue and Woodrow Avenue.

The city of Santa Cruz urges residents and visitors to respect the signage and barriers in place on West Cliff Drive after recent storm damage. (Aric Sleeper / Santa Cruz Sentinel) 

Dave Cracknell of Cupertino, who visits Santa Cruz often, was astonished at the extent of the collapsed sidewalk and roadway on West Cliff Drive between Columbia Street and Woodrow Avenue.

“We’ve been coming here for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Cracknell. “I think given the damage done, it seems like the city is doing their best. It will be interesting to see what they end up doing with it. We are going to have to expect more of this happening moving forward. Mother nature is certainly not going to relent.”

However, not everyone has been following the signs, according to westside residents Don and Addison Jacobs, who have been happy with the temporary safety measures put in place by the city.

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