‘Wednesday’: Jenna Ortega Did Not Want a Love Triangle for Her Character: ‘She’s Not Boy Crazy’

Fans get to see Wednesday Addams embark on a journey like never before in the Netflix series. She attends Nevermore Academy and gets entangled in a web of mysteries and murder. But Tim Burton’s Wednesday also has a complex love triangle. Wednesday star Jenna Ortega reveals she did not want the macabre teen to have a romance as her character is far from wanting sappy love.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday.]

Wednesday inadvertently catches the eye of Xavier Thorpe and Tyler Galpin

After causing mayhem at normie school, her parents send her to Nevermore Academy for outcasts. Even at a school for the supernatural, Wednesday still sticks out with her all-black ensemble and morbid demeanor. Like the Wednesday trailers teased, the goth teen goes through a romance storyline.

It begins with Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White), the school’s tortured artist who lives in the shadow of his famous psychic father. But from the get-go, Xavier shows an interest in Wednesday. When he saves her from a falling gargoyle, he reveals they knew each other as children. He even gets Wednesday to smile.

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But Xavier soon gets some competition when Wednesday meets Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) at the local coffee shop. While scared by her light steps, he never shows fear or distaste toward the outcast. But their brewing romance has a hiccup as Tyler is the son of the local sheriff. Regardless of his father’s warnings, Tyler becomes friends with Wednesday and helps investigate the murders and mystery at Nevermore.

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Tim Burton’s Wednesday has an interesting and obvious love story. Both Xavier and Tyler make their feelings for Wednesday very clear. But as the character battles with heartfelt emotions and empathy, she is unclear on how to navigate love. While adding to the coming-of-age story, Jenna Ortega explains she never originally wanted Wednesday to fall into romance.

Jenna Ortega knows Wednesday Addams has never been obsessed with boys or romance

In an interview with ExtraTV, Ortega breaks down what it was like getting into her role of Wednesday Addams. The actor even reveals seeing herself as the character was “wrong.” She reasons that Wednesday has a set look and characteristics new to the actor.

But when it comes to the romance department, even Ortega reveals she was not too keen on the

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