1 ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episode to Watch for Each Month of Fall

It is officially the fall. With the cooler weather comes a Gilmore Girls rewatch. While some of the United States has formally crossed over into hoodie weather, there are still pockets of the country experiencing some warm weather. If you aren’t yet in an autumn state of mind, Gilmore Girls can help. We’ve picked one Gilmore Girls episode for each fall month that will surely get you in the mood for the months ahead.

The pilot is a perfect ‘Gilmore Girls’ episode to watch in September 

While September brings in a new school year for most of New England, most of the month is technically still the summer. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect month to start a rewatch of Gilmore Girls, and it only makes sense to start with the pilot episode. After all, the episode is set in September. 

In the pilot, Lorelai Gilmore learned that her daughter, Rory Gilmore, had been accepted to a prestigious prep school. The hefty tuition posed a serious problem, though. Instead of giving up Rory’s spot to a wealthier applicant, Lorelai visited her parents, striking a deal for Rory’s tuition in exchange for a weekly Friday night dinner. 

The only Halloween-themed episode of the series is perfect for October 

October was an important month for Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. It’s the month that Rory was born. Still, there is just one Halloween-themed Gilmore Girls episode, and that episode wasn’t all that Halloween-centric, either. Still, it’s worth a watch if you need to get in the mood for the spooky season. 

“21 is the Loneliest Number” is the only true, Halloween-themed episode of Gilmore Girls. Frankly, we aren’t sure why. The holiday feels like it would be Lorelai’s absolute favorite. Regardless, the episode has spooky season decor and a bit of holiday cheer. Morey and Babette Dell even make an appearance, and any storyline that includes the duo is one worth watching. It’s also the beginning of Rory’s comeback.

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‘A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving’ is a must-watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ episode in November 

The fall and winter holidays were a big deal in Stars Hollow. Thanksgiving got a particularly special nod. While there are several holiday-themed episodes, “A Deep-fried Korean Thanksgiving” is the episode that feels the most like a quintessential Gilmore Girls episode. 

In the famed season 3 episode, Rory and Lorelai agreed to attend four separate Thanksgiving dinners, including a dinner party at Richard and Emily Gilmore’s house. The mother-daughter duo insisted they had been training

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