‘Andor’ Cast: Why Maarva Actor Fiona Shaw Looks So Familiar

Actor Fiona Shaw, who plays Maarva in 'Andor.' She's wearing a blue, long-sleeved dress on the red carpet and standing next to a Stormtrooper statue and droid statue.


Actor Fiona Shaw portrays Cassian Andor’s adopted mother, Maarva, in Andor.Viewers will recognize Shaw from projects like Harry Potter and Killing Eve.It’s unclear if we’ll see Maarva again,

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Andor is taking Star Wars fans into Cassian Andor’s (Diego Luna) past, showing how he ended up in the Rebel Alliance — and going further back to his childhood. Andor Episode 3 explains how Cassian went from living on Kenari as a child to residing on Ferrix — a situation that has to do with Maarva. Maarva is portrayed by actor Fiona Shaw in Andor, and the character is essentially Cassian’s adopted mother. Viewers might recognize the actor who plays Maarva from the Harry Potter movies, as well as a beloved BBC series.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Andor Episodes 1-3.]

Actor Fiona Shaw plays Maarva in ‘Andor’

Andor‘s three-episode premiere on Disney+ is unpacking Cassian Andor’s backstory in two ways: by showing fans how he joined the Rebel Alliance and by digging deeper into his history. The latter involves showing us how he grew up on Kenari — and what took him off of his home planet (or rather, who).

Episode 3’s flashback scenes see a young Cassian exploring an Imperial ship, one that crashes on Kenari in the previous episode. The crash leaves numerous Imperial soldiers dead. And the one who survives meets his end at the hands of Cassian’s clan after killing their leader.

As Cassian explores the ship, he runs into two smugglers looking for parts: Maarva and her husband, Clem (Gary Beadle). Upon finding Cassian, Maarva decides that they can’t leave him on Kenari. She suspects the Empire will destroy the place once they find the wreckage of their ship. As such, she drugs Cassian and brings him to Ferrix — a questionable choice, if well-intended.

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In the future, Cassian lives with Maarva on Ferrix, and it’s clear the two have developed a strong bond. Maarva covers for her adopted son when the Pre-Mor Authority comes knocking. And viewers may recognize the actor who brings Maarva to life in Andor.

After all, Star Wars isn’t the only major franchise she’s appeared in.

Where you’ve seen actor Fiona Shaw before

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Those thinking they’ve seen Maarva actor Fiona Shaw prior to Andor are probably correct; Shaw’s acting career goes all the way back to

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