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Better way to limitS.J. water use

Thank you for your article on San Jose’s new water usage limits (“San Jose Water adopts drought restrictions,” Page A1, Nov. 19). For San Jose to take the lead in this makes me proud to live here.

That said, I wish they’d establish maximum usage amounts instead of percentage reduction targets. The latter allows profligate users to continue doing so, just at slightly lower levels. This hurts all of us. It’s time for excessive users to wake up and smell their dead lawns.

Craig DunkerleySan Jose

‘Neighborhood voices’catalyst to housing crisis

Dev Davis’ rant against SB 9 (“SB 9 takes away California’s neighborhood voices,” Page A8, Nov. 12) is loaded with factual errors and political cliches chosen for emotional impact.

“Sacramento politicians know better than you do.” We, the people, chose those politicians to govern all of us. “Developers” just want to profit. Developers build our housing; if they don’t make a profit, they go out of business. “Everyone agrees we need more housing,” but “everyone” agrees we should build it somewhere else. “New projects … will stress storm water, power lines, schools.” Really? Denser housing does not increase storm water; power lines are upgraded by utilities as needed; schools face declining enrollment and many are closing as a result. “Greenhouse gases could increase from more driving.” No, “more driving” happens when people commute from Tracy or Morgan Hill or Vacaville because they can’t afford a place closer to work.

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“Neighborhood voices” have created California’s housing crisis. Letting these voices prevail will perpetuate it.

Mark LawrencePalo Alto

Inflation analysisslanted, misleading

Re. “Bay Area inflation jumps by highest rate in years,” Nov. 10:

The quoted analyst promotes a slanted argument, attributing the pandemic stimulus and future government spending (the infrastructure bill) to current inflation while prognosticating higher future inflation, which non-partisan economists contradict, as supply chains recover from Trump’s catastrophic pandemic disaster and as Biden’s team takes effective action.

Trump’s utter failure to contain the pandemic made it worse and caused the economic disruption we see.

When day traders pontificate that the pandemic stimulus “overstimulated the economy,” they ignore people desperate for relief as the economy tanked. Biden helped average people survive, and rightly so.

The misleading arguments disregard previous Trump tax cuts, overwhelmingly benefiting the rich, and hugely driving up the deficit and overstimulating the economy far more.


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