8 holiday gift ideas that will make gamers of all types happy

One of the daunting challenges when buying gifts for gamers are the scores of options and the equal number of uncertainties. Dozens of games have been released in the past year and it’s tough to know which ones are good or if a player has one already.

Moving beyond releases, gift-givers can turn to peripherals that have become popular over the past few years. Headsets or controllers are usually good offerings but choosing the right one can be difficult. If you’re not familiar with all gaming, here are gift ideas tailored for all types players whether they focus on console, PC or mobile gaming.

“Deathloop” pits Colt Vaught against Julianna Blake as they fight amid time loop that keeps both at an island full of mad scientists and mentally unstable creatives. (Bethesda) 

THE PERFECT GAMES FOR … First-person shooter fans: “Deathloop” is one of the best games to come out all year and combines Arkane Studios’ signature sandbox gameplay with an engrossing and original story about the protagonist Colt Vahn being stuck in a time loop on an island full of the most inane and pretentious villains on the planet. Think of it as a “Groundhog Day” with a heavy dose of “Diehard” action. The only caveat before picking up this title is that it’s exclusively for the PlayStation 5, which is a machine that’s hard to come by, and PC. Price: $59.99

Nintendo Switch owners: “Monster Hunter Rise” streamlines this Capcom franchise’s signature gameplay and makes it more accessible than ever before. If the gamer is a fan of cooperative titles and action-heavy combat, this is the release that will satisfy for hours as players explore the game’s impressive depth. Price: $59.99

  Solomon Islands violence recedes but not underlying tension

Xbox or PC players: Xbox Games Pass will be the gift that keeps on giving. Microsoft’s “Netflix”-style service gives players access to a plethora of projects, and over the past year, the company has been making it more attractive with the likes of “Psychonauts 2,” “Forza Horizon 5” and the upcoming “Halo Infinite.” Best of all, the service offers gaming via the cloud, which lets players access games on a wide range of devices. They can also pick it up on their Xbox or PC as well. Price: $14.99 per month for Ultimate or $119.99 for 12 month membership

Immerse Gaming is software that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to create a personalized preset for players. (Immerse Gaming) 


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