Travis Scott’s Ex-Manager Saw Astroworld Tragedy Coming and Says Scott Only Thinks About Himself ‘When He Sees People in Danger’

Travis Scott performs onstage during the third-annual Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on November 5, 2021, in Houston, Texas

A tragedy with great loss and possible prevention has struck families hard following the Astroworld Festival held by Travis Scott. Despite videos suggesting he knew of the catastrophe befalling his fans, the rapper continued to perform — resulting in 10 dead and hundreds injured and traumatized.

Scott and concert producers stand accused of ignoring capacity and safety requirements and continuing the concert for over a half-hour after attendees began getting injured and dying. An ex-manager says he “saw this coming” because Scott only ever thinks of himself. It’s not the first time the rapper didn’t stop one of his concerts when he should have. 

Travis Scott faces a mountain of lawsuits over the Astroworld tragedy

Travis Scott at Astroworld 2021 | Rick Kern/Getty Images

Following the horrific events of Scott’s 2021 Astroworld concert in Houston, civil rights attorney Ben Crump and attorney Alex Hilliard announced they would file more than a hundred lawsuits on behalf of the victims at the festival. 

On November 12, 2021, via NowThis News, Crump said, “This morning we are announcing the filing of over 90 more lawsuits in this matter now that we have collected the information and the details and the evidence that they were present at the festival, that they sustained injuries at the festival … We will make sure that they get justice.”

Billboard reports that as of November 17, the number of lawsuits filed against Scott over the tragedy has reached more than 400. Not counting the cases involving victims suing Scott and other parties over the concert, the compensation sought in a lawsuit filed on behalf of over 125 individuals is $750 million.

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The rapper’s ex-manager was allegedly ‘left for dead in a basement in Los Angeles’

Travis Scott? The same dude who left his former manager for dead while they was having a seizure in the studio? I for one am shocked.

— DDOT. (@DDotOmen) November 6, 2021

Many conspiracy theories have spread on TikTok, but Scott’s ex-manager isn’t coming to his defense. 

The rapper has been getting even more attention since a post by the verified Twitter account DDOT. claimed Scott “left his former manager for dead while they [were] having a seizure in the studio.” Although there is no police report or legal confirmation, Scott’s former manager Shane Morris confirmed the statement.

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