Fans Say ‘Obesity Med’ Doesn’t Have the ‘Gratuitous Freak Show Aspects’ Like ‘My 600-Lb Life’

Obesity Med airs on the TLC network, whose logo is shown here

Reality TV fans have long enjoyed the TLC network’s offerings. From the story of Jon & Kate Plus 8 to My Strange Addiction, TLC often showcases fringe elements of society, spotlighting people and situations that don’t usually achieve reality show stardom. Though many viewers like TLC’s unique programs, others have found fault with certain shows, including the notorious My 600-lb Life. And now that TLC recently released Obesity Med, spotlighting the effects of living with obesity, some fans are taking to Reddit to compare the two series. 

What similarities do ‘Obesity Med’ and ‘My 600-Lb Life’ share?

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My 600-Lb Life has been going strong since it premiered on TLC in 2012. It attracts legions of new and returning viewers every season. The show follows morbidly obese individuals who usually begin each episode weighing at least 600 pounds. During each season, fans watch as the subjects strive to attain a healthy weight once and for all by adopting healthful habits and potentially undergoing surgery. 

“No, James! You can’t use your stomach to go catch catfish! We have to send it to pathology.”

Follow both James and Dr. Bo in #ObesityMed TONIGHT at 10/9c! Make sure to set your DVR.

— TLC Network (@TLC) January 28, 2021

A newer TLC program also chronicles obese individuals’ weight-loss journeys. Released in January 2021, Obesity Med follows two morbidly obese people trying to get healthy. Though Obesity Med is still in its inaugural season and has not released many episodes, fans already have many positive things to say about the series. 

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What do fans on Reddit say about the new TLC show?

“I’ve taken this fat for forty years. I’m tired of it. I don’t wanna be friends with it anymore. I’m ready to get rid of it!”

Watch James and Dr. Bo reminisce about their childhoods and find out how the consult goes in #ObesityMed TONIGHT at 10/9c. Make sure to set your DVR.

— TLC Network (@TLC) January 27, 2021

On Reddit, fans have discussed why Obesity Med might be a better entertainment option than My 600-Lb Life.

“It has hints of M600L, minus the gratuitous freak show aspects (dramatic music, binge fests, closeups of filth, etc.),” one viewer wrote. “The two people on the episode were both parents, articulate, live in nice houses, and

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