‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Featured Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Foods More Than Once

Ray, Robert and Marie Barone stand in Ray and Debra's kitchen during an epsiode of 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
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Instead of a Thanksgiving episode during season 2, the writers featured Frank Barone’s 65th birthday and

Everybody Loves Raymond ran for nine seasons. The series follows married couple, Ray and Debra Barone, while they navigate life with three children and Ray’s intrusive family. The series is notable for many reasons, but fans often cite its Thanksgiving episodes as one of the best things about the show. Almost every year, the series aired an episode that revolved almost entirely around the holiday. On more than one occasion, Everybody Loves Raymond featured non-traditional Thanksgiving fare. Do you remember some of the more memorable dishes? 

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’s’ first Thanksgiving episode featured a non-traditional dinner 

Everybody Loves Raymond kicked things off right in the mid-1990s. During the show’s first season, the writers cooked up a Thanksgiving episode that perfectly captured the battle families often have when trying to figure out new traditions. In episode 9, “Turkey or Fish?,” Marie Barone and Debra clash when they each attempt to serve their version of Thanksgiving dinner. 

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Marie brings a traditional turkey to the event, while Debra opts for something a bit more exotic. Instead of serving poultry at her Thanksgiving feast, she cooked up bass. Aside from Frank Barone choking on a fishbone during the meal, it was mostly a success, too. Even Marie admits it was tasty.

A health-conscious Marie Barone served up tofu in another Thanksgiving episode

In the season 3 episode, “No Fat,” the Barones find themselves having a non-traditional feast for Thanksgiving once again. After visiting a health fair and learning that her cholesterol was near a dangerous level, Marie goes on a health kick. She decides to toss out all of her family’s favorite treats and find low-fat alternatives, much to the chagrin of Frank Barone. 

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Robert Barone and Ray were pulled into the feud when Marie decided to offer a low-fat Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of serving turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, she offered steamed broccoli and tofu, colored with beet juice, in the shape of a turkey. The meal was supposed to conclude with a soy cheesecake, but a delivery from a restaurant upsets Marie.

How many Thanksgiving episodes does ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ have? 

Everybody Loves Raymond ran for nine seasons. During the show’s lengthy run, only eight Thanksgiving episodes were produced. Season 1 featured a Thanksgiving episode, but season 2 did not. Every other season featured an episode focused on the holiday.  

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