‘Alice’s Restaurant’: Arlo Guthrie Revealed the True Story Behind His Thanksgiving Song

Arlo Guthrie at a place setting on a poster for 'Alice's Restaurant,' the film version of his classic Thanksgiving song

Arlo Guthrie is perhaps most remembered for his classic rock song “Alice’s Restaurant.” During an interview, he said the Thanksgiving song was based on real life. He also revealed how Vietnam War soldiers reacted to the humor of the song. Interestingly, the song garnered interest in parts of the world that do not celebrate Thanksgiving.

A poster for ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ starring Arlo Guthrie | Movie Poster Image Art/Getty Images

What inspired Arlo Guthrie to write his Thanksgiving classic ‘Alice’s Restaurant’

“Alice’s Restaurant,” also known as “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre,” is about a young man who is arrested for littering following a Thanksgiving meal. Later, when he is up to be drafted to Vietnam, he is barred from joining the army because of his arrest. The comic track goes on for a staggering 18 minutes. During an interview with The Daily Beast, Guthrie said the track was inspired by a true story.

“Originally the events unfolded pretty much as the song relates; I didn’t have to do too much,” Guthrie recalled. “There’s not a whole lot of poetic license. I did change a few little things that were relatively unimportant to the story. But people’s take on it, what they called it, really had more to do with them than what it was.”

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