Biden Gushes Over CNN’s Don Lemon – ‘One Of The Most Informed Journalists In The Country’


During Wednesday night’s CNN town hall, President Joe Biden outrageously praised the radically liberal host Don Lemon as “one of the most informed journalists in the country.”

Biden said this when asked how Americans can have their faith restored in this country’s system of government.

“How do you change the mistrust in the system among some members of the black community?” Biden was asked.

After saying that he will continue to take responsibility for his own mistakes, Biden added that this situation is about “raising confidence in elected officials.” Biden then said that he saw that confidence in the government is at an all-time low when he was scoffed at on the campaign trail when he announced plans to “unite the country.”

That’s when he praised Lemon, saying that the CNN host only remembered these criticisms because of how informed of a journalist he is.

“I know this is going to sound like a non-answer to you, but part of this is that — you know because you’re one of the most informed journalists in the country,” Biden said.

“You know the criticism I got when I said I want to unite the country, ‘You can’t unite the country,’” he added. “And if you can’t unite the country, we can never get some of these problems solved. And that goes to trust. Why can’t you unite the country? Why isn’t there a willingness to trust?”

Joke Biden is a liar.

1) “I made a commitment, that when I made a mistake, I’d tell ya.” Border Crisis, low unemployment, inflation. All his fault, no apologies.

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2) Said with a straight face that Don Lemon is “one of the most informed journalists in the country.”

— Andrew @ Don’t Walk, RUN! Productions (@DontWalkRUN) July 22, 2021

Lemon has long claimed to be a “journalist” who is “not a political person” despite the fact that his radically liberal politics are clear as day to anyone who watches his show for even a few minutes. Earlier this year, just seconds after reiterating his nonsense claim that he isn’t political, Lemon slammed the Republican Party as “obsolete” and praised the Democratic Party as the only one “operating in reality.”

“Perhaps Americans who want this country to be a country that is sane and rational and equitable and equal … need to challenge the Republican Party more,” he continued.

Don Lemon: “I’m not a political person…I’m a journalist”


— Steve Cortes

Source:: LifeZette


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