Jan Moir: The name ‘Lilibet’ was all the Queen had which was hers alone

Queen's Christmas broadcast

Can you even imagine throwing an international, transatlantic hissy fit over a baby’s name? Wouldn’t you, at some point, just say “you know what, even though I don’t care for the name, a baby is a blessing and God bless”? It’s shocking how so few of the royal commentators, royal journalists and actual royals have been able to do that. After spending this past week throwing a massive tantrum about whether or not Harry informed his grandmother about the name “Lilibet Diana,” one of the top stories on the Daily Mail today is “JAN MOIR: Lilibet is not just a name… Harry has stolen the Queen’s crown jewel.” R U serious? Apparently. The argument Jan Moir makes is that “Lilibet” belonged to the Queen alone because it was a family nickname, no one else can ever use it and it was supposed to be buried with her. And Harry “stole” it. I’m not going to post the entire thing, but here are some notable parts:

During a life devoted to public service and being on almost permanent display, Lilibet was the one thing the Queen had that was entirely her own. It was hers, and hers alone….It was also a private endearment uttered throughout more than 70 years of marriage by her husband who, may I remind certain parties, is recently deceased. Elizabeth may Regina, but Lilibet was something more sublime.

No, it does not appear on patents or seals or official documents, but it was her signature on the most personal of correspondences. It was the cipher that spoke of the bonds of family and also of the flesh and blood woman behind the throne, under the crown, beyond the castle moat. Its use was restricted. It was a tender diminutive spoken only by those who knew and loved her.

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And now it is no longer hers, its emotional exclusivity shattered; targeted and then blown apart like a clay pigeon. The jury is still out on whether using the name for the new baby Sussex is a deliberate act of marketing strategy and self-interest or an innocent tribute from a loving grandson that has gone awry. No matter whose side you are on it is clear that whatever it was, it no longer is — its private significance lost forever to the braying world.

Poor Lilibet! She has conducted herself with

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