Tami Roman Reveals Her Daughter Came out to Her as Bisexual via Text Message

Jazz Anderson and Tami Roman

There’s one thing that Tami Roman finds more important than being a reality star and an actor: being a mom. Roman shares two daughters with her ex-husband, former basketball player Kenny Anderson. Though she gushes over children, she admits that she was disappointed by her daughter Jazz Anderson coming out to her as bisexual via a text message.

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Jazz Anderson speaks about her sexuality and her family’s response

Anderson is a co-host of the talk show In The Mix that airs on FOX Soul and has used her platform to share her experience as a bisexual woman. During an October 2020 episode, Anderson shared that she was never hiding her sexuality. 

She says she was prompted to address her sexuality due to her deciding to maintain her virginity until marriage. Because of her public declaration, Anderson says she was bombarded with hateful social media comments saying that she’s part of the LGBTQ community.

“My virginity is not synonymous with my sexuality,” she insists. “I am bisexual and I do look at myself as a bisexual female in 2020. I’ve been with females and I’ve been with males.”

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Since making her sexuality clear, Anderson admits that there has been some contention in her family. In a recent episode of the show, she says her sister Lyric felt blindsided by her revelation.

“She felt like how can you tell the world instead of coming to me and being open and honest with me first,” she says. “Sometimes, it can be a bit judgemental as siblings…we’re two different people, we’re separate people.”

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Anderson says the two didn’t speak for about a month but have since reconciled and are closer than ever. 

Tami Roman says she was ‘hurt’ by Jazz Anderson coming out as bisexual via a text message

Roman says she is supportive of her daughter and is happy that she shared her story with the world. But on a recent episode of her own FOX Soul talk show Get Into To It, Roman told TS Madison that she became a little upset with the way Anderson came out to her: via text message. 

Roman also says that she struggles with Anderson not potentially having a husband and children, admitting she once felt Anderson was selfish.

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That wasn’t what I envisioned for my daughter. When

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