‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’: Fans Want a Story That Takes Place After ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

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What is ‘Rogue Squadron’?   When will it take place?  


For the first time since Disney purchased Star Wars from George Lucas, the future of the big-screen saga is largely shrouded in mystery. The sequel trilogy finished in 2019, and after the relative failure of Solo, the company tinkered with its future releases. However, when the company announced a slew of new titles for the coming years, many fans were excited about Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, in particular. 

Star Wars | Lucasfilm via Getty Images

What is ‘Rogue Squadron’?   When will it take place?  

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Rogue Squadron is still early on in the planning phase, but ScreenRant managed to track down some intriguing details. The film was announced at the D23 Expo in December of 2020, with Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins at the helm. Harkening back to her days as a military brat, Jenkins spoke about how she wanted to make the film a love letter to air combat. 

Little is known about the plot and characters, but the name harkens to a crew of fighters who fought alongside Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy. It’s played a prominent role in several comics, books, and other canonical fares since Luke Skywalker assembled the team in the first movie. Fans of the films, however, might best recognize them for their role in Rogue One. While the origins of the crew are well-known to the Star Wars faithful, some fans are curious about where it will fit within the larger universe. 

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Can ‘Rogue Squadron’ appease the fans?

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As with all things Star Wars, Rogue Squadron set the internet ablaze with speculation about how it fits into the greater universe. With the Disney canon growing every day, fans want to see something that pays homage to what came before it and feels like its own thing inside the greater Star Wars galaxy.  

Over on Reddit, u/persistentinquiry sees this as an ample opportunity to take the story that JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson told in the recent trilogy, tie it back to the original movies, and give fans something solely unique as it veers away from the standard fare and characters.   

“My dream is for this to be immediately after TROS and about the last stand of the First Order on Coruscant. The story could be that

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