‘Undone’ Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

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Undone | Amazon Studios

What is ‘Undone’?


Amazon has always seemed a little bit different in the streaming wars. While competitors like Netflix put out new shows, movies, documentaries, and events every week, Amazon puts more thought into high-concept series such as Undone. The result was a massive hit. Now, as creators plot the second season, they’re looking to do so in a way that remains true to the first season while something entirely new and exciting. 

Undone | Amazon Studios

What is ‘Undone’?

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Undone is not your average television show. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction just as much as it does comedy and drama, the series tells the story of Rosa Salazar’s Alma, a young woman whose sense of time and space is forever altered after she narrowly survives a car accident that nearly kills her. From there, according to Amazon’s official summary, she goes on a personal journey that helps reconnect her to her deceased father. The series was an unlikely hit thanks to its powerful performances by a cast of unknown actors and television giant Bob Odenkirk.

Aside from its fascinating premise, however, its unique visual style helps immerse the audience into a world similar to Richard Linklater’s iconic film The Waking Life. Rotoscope has been used for several decades, but never entirely like Undone does. To make the show work, however, the creators want to ensure that the style of the series always supplements the mood and vice versa. As they look forward to the second season, they’re expanding on the rules and stories established in the first. 

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Redoing ‘Undone’

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Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy are the creative forces behind the scenes of Undone. While the first season was an experimental journey into the life of Alma, season two will come in with the burden of a highly-acclaimed predecessor that could make things more challenging. Luckily, Bob-Waksberg and Purdy are ready for the job. The former spoke about this in an interview with Deadline:

“I think the experience of working on the first season really primed us for flexibility on the second season because the first season was so much figuring it out as we went—feeling out what kind of studio space we need to make this show, what kind of cameras we need, what kind of physicality we need to get.”

Tapping into his creative

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