‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Secret to Pancakes Is Lemon Juice

Ree Drummond
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Ree Drummond has been on the Food Network for almost a decade now. In that time, she’s shared countless tips with her fans on air, but her cooking career is actually older than that.

Drummond started her blog, The Pioneer Woman, back in 2006. That’s where she first shared her recipes, and details about life on her Oklahoma ranch. But a lot of her tips are applicable to all families, not just southern ranchers.

Pancakes are a staple of any breakfast table, and Drummond has an interesting take on the classic buttermilk version. 

Ree Drummond has a lemon pancake recipe up on her ‘Pioneer Woman’ blog 

Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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For a fresh take on traditional pancakes, Drummond likes to add a little bit of lemon. Her recipe is simple enough, and boasts a 15 minute prep time, even with the additional ingredient. According to the Pioneer Woman blog, the lemon pancakes require all the same ingredients as traditional pancakes, plus two lemons. The lemons are used for the zest and juice. First, zest both lemons. Then add the juice of one and a half to the pancake milk.

From there, the recipe reads much like a regular pancake recipe. Mix the dry ingredients then add in the wet ingredients like the lemon juice-milk mixture and eggs. The lemon zest comes last, mixed into the batter just like the other ingredients. Despite the extra ingredients, these pancakes aren’t cooked any differently than regular pancakes. Drummond even recommends dousing them in maple syrup before eating!

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For more traditional pancakes, try Ree Drummond’s Perfect Pancake recipe

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Drummond isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to pancakes. She has a recipe for lemon pancakes, but that’s not the only pancake recipe on her blog.

A search for the word “pancakes” on her website brings up 166 results. Some are reviews of pancake-related products, but many are recipes, including the “Perfect Pancake Recipe,” “Hot Cocoa Pancakes,” “Pumpkin Spice Latte Pancakes,” and even “Butternut Squash Pancakes.”

According to Drummond, while there may be many kinds of pancakes, one reigns supreme. She has a “Perfect Pancake” recipe on her site, and it’s been there for a while. The

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