BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals 1 of Her Outfits Unexpectedly Got Changed During the ‘Lovesick Girls’ Video Shoot

BLACKPINK's Lisa posing in black outfit in front of a yellow backdrop

BLACKPINK is a K-pop group known for their catchy music and impeccable performances. However, aside from being accomplished musicians, the four members are also popular thanks to their unique fashion styles.

Member Lisa is one person whose clothes often attract attention from onlookers. Her outfits are talked about all across BLACKPINK’s fandom, though sometimes, unbeknownst to fans, they also were created in an impromptu way. One outfit in the “Lovesick Girls” music video is an example of this.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | Han Myung-Gu/WireImageBLACKPINK’s Lisa is a style icon

Lisa is BLACKPINK’s youngest member and main rapper. Despite having a bit of a shy personality, she often steals the spotlight with her individual style.

For example, Lisa’s hair is extremely iconic. Since the beginning of her career, Lisa has often sported bangs that elegantly frames her face. While many K-pop idols have had bangs at some point in their career, it’s rare to find someone as committed to their bangs as Lisa.

Lisa’s fashion is iconic as well. When performing on stage, she wears a lot of daring, bold looks. However, in her everyday life, Lisa can be seen wearing chic casual outfits with feminine touches.

Lisa’s style icon status has made her sought-after ambassador for numerous brands. She has worked with companies like BVLGARI, Adidas, Penshoppe, and Celine.

Lisa reveals one of her outfits for ‘Lovesick Girls’ was supposed to be different

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Lisa wore a variety of outfits for BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” music video in 2020. Naturally, they attracted a lot of attention from fans, but one outfit in particular did not end up looking the way it was supposed to.

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In a recent video on her YouTube page, Lisa goes through her new 0327 photobook. At one point, she lands on a picture from the “Lovesick Girls” music video shoot that was taken on the rooftop. Fans might be familiar with the outfit, which was a layered outfit that included a jacket. However, Lisa reveals that, originally, she was not supposed to wear the jacket at all.

“This was the only one I was supposed to wear,” she says, pointing to the outfit underneath the jacket. “But it was so cold; I was wearing this jacket. The jacket is actually my own.”

Lisa shares that she took the jacket off when it was time to shoot, but the director suddenly realized

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