Trump Goes All-In: ‘I Would Say Boycott Baseball’

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump slammed “woke” culture and Major League Baseball, even suggesting that professional baseball should be boycotted for abandoning Georgia.

Trump made his comments during a phone call into Newsmax TV.

The 45th President has made a number of appearances and statements in recent weeks, after being relatively quiet immediately after the 2020 election.

‘Boycott baseball? – Sure, why not.’

Former President Donald Trump slams the ‘woke sports culture.’ @HeatherChilders

— Newsmax (@newsmax) April 6, 2021

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Trump Talks Baseball Boycott

The former president said MLB should be punished for moving its All-Star Game from Atlanta to Boulder, Colorado in protest over Georgia’s recent election reform bill.

Trump even said the recently passed bill was “watered down” if anything, and also noted that Boulder was “much less diverse” than the original location of the game, Atlanta.

“I would say boycott baseball, why not,” Trump told Newsmax TV’s Heather Childers. Trump added that “woke is not good for our country.”

Trump told Newsmax TV, “Now they’ve moved the All-Star Game because they thought the bill was too tough when it’s not.”

Trump continued, “I think a lot of people are giving up on baseball anyway… they shouldn’t be hurting the people of Georgia.”

Former President Barack Obama congratulates MLB for “taking a stand” against Georgia’s new voting law as his Republican successor Donald Trump calls for a boycott of baseball

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— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 3, 2021

Trump: ‘Let ‘Em Try Boycotting Texas’

The former president then dared “woke” corporations to protest states more conservative than now-purple Georgia.

“Let ‘em try boycotting Texas,” Trump said. “Texas will teach ‘em a lesson. Let ‘em try it. Frankly, these companies should stay out of it, because all they do is aggravate people.”

Trump said not enough conservative leaders were standing up to the corporations for opposing the Georgia law.

“If Republican conservatives… if they would boycott these companies that were so above it all, you’d find that they would come back in the fold very quickly,” Trump said.

Former Pres. Trump on @Newsmax:

“I’m just not very interested in baseball for the last number of years … You want to find a game, it’s on every channel and yet you can’t find anything. It’s the weirdest thing … I would say boycott baseball.

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