The Democrats’ Diversity Delusion

Why is it every time I hear some lefty lauding “diversity and inclusion,” I know one thing for sure: They don’t mean me. I don’t think like them, so, no matter what I look like, I’m not included—I’m not welcome. It’s odd that the only diversity that truly means anything, which can grow, shrink, and evolve, is the diversity of thought.

You’re not going to get any more black, Hispanic, white, or Asian, but you can become more or less progressive or conservative. But the Left has absolutely no interest in a free exchange of ideas because their ideas are so weak, although their propaganda efforts are strong. They can’t educate, so they prefer to mandate.

The only way to be a part of the Left’s view of “inclusion” is to think and speak exactly as they do. Isn’t that kind of “diversity and inclusion” rather warped? Doesn’t that look more like uniformity and exclusion?

For example, with the Left, to be an “anti-racist,” you must become a racist against white people. And to support “diversity and inclusion” you must adhere to the party line and reject those who don’t think as you do. This is the corrupt notion that feeds the Biden administration’s penchant for touting “diversity” over qualifications.


This is a conversation I may or may not have had with a left-leaning friend the other day, which may make my point.

Dave asked me if I could recommend a good contractor for some remodeling on his house.

I said, “Sure. Joe Espinoza of Espinoza & Company.”

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“So, Joe’s a good contractor?”

“Well, he’s Hispanic.”

“Okay, but does he do good work?”

“I just told you; he’s Hispanic.”

“I know. You said that. But what’s his level of experience. How long has he been in business?”

“I don’t think you’re hearing me. I said, he’s Hispanic. Oh, and I forgot to mention his other important qualifications. He’s also transracial, identifying as a black man on Fridays and as a female Ojibwa shaman but only on Wednesday evenings.”

David sighed and thought for a moment. Then he said, “Okay, okay. Forget about the contractor. Can you be serious for a moment?”


Okay. Thank you. So, before I go, can you recommend a good dentist for my kids?”

“Of course. That’s easy. Kris Wong just up the road is a great dentist.”

“Wait… I’m not falling for this again. I said, ‘serious,’” Dave said. “If I ask you if he’s good, are you going to tell me he’s

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