A pregnancy pillow that everyone can use, a massage gun and a versatile highlighter


Someone asked for a rebound trampoline a couple of weeks ago but they all had terrible Fakespot ratings. I looked a couple of times and couldn’t find anything. The set of 10 essential oils from Pura D’or arrived for a reader without the peppermint oil! It was packaged well and looked nice but was missing one. However the seller said they will send her a replacement. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to find on Amazon. I was in search of decent slippers, ordered three different pair which didn’t fit right and then just gave up and bought some at Walmart. (That’s the only option in my town.) Sometimes you have to try things on. Here are some more things I’m interested in from Amazon.

A C-shaped pregnancy pillow that’s great for side sleepers too

I got a noodle pillow when I was pregnant eons ago and it helped so much, especially in the last few months when I was so uncomfortable. I saw one of these pillows on Buzzfeed and now I really want one. I’ve been having neck and back issues and keep looking for better pillows. This pregnancy pillow by Insen has over 8,300 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. It comes in six colors and in jersey and velvet fabrics. Both pregnant women and side sleeping non-pregnant people say this pillow is comfortable and helps them sleep better and wake up refreshed. They write “I sleep on my side, but have to have back support, also. I used to line the bed with pillows. Since this arrived, I literally have done away with my mass of pillows, as this provides me with the support I need, everywhere. One of my favorite purchases, and I only regret not buying one sooner!” “This pillow is so insanely comfortable, I’ve slept through my alarms twice this week. I’m not a pregnant woman, so I can’t attest to how the pillow works under that circumstance, but I will say that it has been very supportive with my back and for use between my knees.”

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A 10% niacinamide serum with 1% zinc for clearer, smoother skin

I’ve ordered this Cos de Baha niacinamide twice and the last time I ran out it was no longer in stock. It seemed to really make a difference. I’m out of the replacement brand I ordered

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