‘Sex and the City’: Infamous Post-It Breakup Arc Is Based on a True Romantic Failure

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While the show is definitely fiction — how else could a columnist afford all those

As rumors swirl that Sex and the City may be the next television show from the past to see a resurgence in the form of a reboot, fans of the envelope-pushing urban drama are getting the opportunity to relive their favorite moments from the series.

In the years since the show went off the air — and the memory of its lackluster movie follow ups has faded — there are definitely some scenes that stick out as more memorable than others.

While many of the show’s details would have to be updated for a new technological and social era, there’s one blistering scene that would still sting even with its archaic technology. 

The Post-It breakup scene was iconic, and it turns out it was based on a real-life event. 

‘Sex and the City’ focuses on the love life of Carrie Bradshaw

There are four women at the center of Sex and the City: Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. It’s Carrie Bradshaw, though, that is the heart of the show. The relationship columnist uses her escapades through a tumultuous love life to turn her own missteps into riveting reading for her adoring fans.

That means that Carrie’s relationship woes are frequently the central driving point of the series. In fact, the love triangle between Carrie, “Mr. Big,” and Aidan is the most important plot of the entire six-season run. 

Along the way, though, Carrie has plenty of other less-noteworthy relationships that provide both fodder for her newspaper column and lots of opportunities for notable guest stars to take center stage for a short character arc. Carrie had brief flings and more substantial loves along the way, and these men helped form the ebb and flow of the show — providing the drama that kept viewers glued to the screen. 

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Jack Berger was a significant relationship for Carrie 

The very first episode of Sex and the City premiered 20 years ago. Remember when Jack broke up with Carrie via Post-it note? If the show premiered in 2018 would he have ended it via text message? pic.twitter.com/Gat2qbsxhd

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Mr. Big and Aidan were definitely the most important men in Carrie’s life, but Jack Berger played a significant role

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