Kate Moss’s jewelry idol: ‘Elizabeth Taylor, nobody loved jewelry more than her’

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For decades, Kate Moss was basically the Sphinx of the modeling world – a rare modern celebrity whose close friends didn’t sell her out, and a model who didn’t feel the need to tell everyone her business. Kate has covered millions of magazines, but interviews were always rare. But she’s softened a lot in recent years. She’s still in-demand as a model at the age of 46, but she’s also got side-businesses and she’s happy to promote those side-gigs with an interview here and there. She chatted with Vogue about her new jewelry line, a collaboration with the French jewelry house of Messika. There are 70 pieces all designed (or co-designed) by Moss, based on what she likes to wear. She describes herself as a magpie who loves jewelry in general. I loved this piece. Some highlights:

Her love of jewelry. “When I was a kid, I always liked antique things. These days I like to mix it all up. I don’t just buy high-end jewelry, I buy little trinkets, bits I like from other people, from antique places… Although, if they are antique, they’re probably still a bit high-end.”

How she came to collaborate on a jewelry line: “When I met Valérie [Messika, the brand’s founder] on set, we just got on really well. It was very organic.” On one of Messika’s regular trips to London at the beginning of the year, the pair met up for tea, and Moss spontaneously decided to bring along her jewelry box. “I felt like that was the best way to explain what I like and what my taste is, because it’s quite eclectic. I remember Valérie saying, ‘You’re not just pure rock and roll like people think.’ I have Art Deco pieces and Victorian pieces and ’70s things; it just depends on what mood I’m in. I think she was quite surprised by that.”

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She’s always been obsessed with jewelry: “As a kid I would always save the smallest present wrapped up under the tree at Christmas for last, hoping it was going to be a piece of jewelry, but it never was. I suppose I’m making up for that now!” It was when her modeling career took off that Moss began splashing out on the pieces she still treasures to this day. “I remember being in Milan for the shows, and I

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