Ask Amy: Train gift may derail friendship

Dear Amy: About eight years ago, I gave my 4-year-old godson a train set for Christmas. He enjoyed it and we played with it together for several years. He eventually outgrew it.

Now, he is 12. He recently discovered the train set in the closet. He wanted to sell it to get money to buy some AirPods, which cost about what he could get for the train set. So, with his parents’ help, he put it online, sold it, and got the AirPods.

I think this is great! I believe that once you give a gift, it is theirs to do with as they please, and it does not bother me.

The problem is, my wife of four years does not agree. She thinks it was extremely rude of my godson and his parents to sell a personal gift that I got him for Christmas without at least consulting me about it.

I told my wife that even though it might have been nice for them to tell me that they were going to do this, I honestly do not care.

I am worried that my wife is going to say something about this to my godson’s parents (she has indicated that she will).

We socialize with them often (they are one of very few in our pandemic circle). I don’t want her to create hard feelings.

Not only that, if it does come to that, should I side with my friends because I agree with them, causing my wife to be mad at me, or side with my wife, even though I disagree, just to make a more harmonious home?

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— In a Quandary

Dear in a Quandary: I have an idea: How about your wife keep her thoughts to herself, thereby ensuring both a solid friendship, as well as a harmonious home?

This is the very essence of “none of her business.” Your relationship with your godson predates your relationship with your wife. It is separate from your wife. You have every right to conduct your relationship with the boy the way you choose to. Furthermore, I happen to agree with your stance regarding the gift. It was not a family heirloom. It has been recycled, and now another child will enjoy it.

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