Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter: Some MCU Fans Still Aren’t Impressed

Emily VanCamp

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen several big-name stars both take the reigns of established roles or break into stardom because of them, not every casting decision resonates with fans.

When Emily VanCamp entered the Marvel universe as the granddaughter of Captain America’s love interest, Peggy Carter, inklings of a romance began to unfold. As fans on Reddit recently pointed out, however, that plan was changed. A group of Redditors spoke on this in a thread about the subject. 

Emily VanCamp’s most famous roles

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A native Canadian, VanCamp started acting as a teenager and has not looked back since. She got her start on the hit Nickelodeon series Are You Afraid of the Dark and quickly moved on to high-profile work soon after. From playing a young Jackie Kennedy to a brief turn on short-lived series like Glory Days, VanCamp was not a household name, but she was well on her way to becoming one. 

Her first significant role came in Everwood, where VanCamp played Amy Abbott for five years. Not long after Everwood went off the air, VanCamp played Rebecca Harper in the hit series Brothers and Sisters for four years and then played Amanda Clark on Revenge for five more years. However, with so much television success behind her, VanCamp was yet to have a hit film to her name. 

This changed in 2014 when she entered the lucrative MCU as Agent 13. Her character, however, did not become the staple that was implied in the early appearances. 

Who is Agent 13?

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In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Agent 13 teams up with the titular superhero in his first solo adventure set in modern-day America. The mysterious agent fought by his side as he tracked down his old friend Bucky, but familiar energy arose between them.

Later on, it is revealed that Agent 13 is the granddaughter of Peggy Carter, meaning that her connection to Captain America went more in-depth than was previously realized. 

Sharon Carter, as we learn to be her name, appeared one more time in Captain America: Civil War, where she helped Captain America in his fight against his friends. Afterward, however, Carter was largely forgotten, and she didn’t appear in either of the last two Avengers movies. 

Fans on Reddit discussed this in a thread about the weakest actors in the MCU. When Reddit user u/TheWaylandCycle brought up VanCamp’s name, discussions arose about whether it was a bad

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