Colorado restaurateurs: We fear for our businesses and employees under Trump. Colorado must vote for Biden.

Editor’s note: The following is an open letter to Colorado voters submitted to The Denver Post.

As the owners of a broad coalition of Colorado restaurants, we have joined together to demand accountability from leaders in Washington.

Margins in the restaurant business are always thin, even moreso this year. Every customer matters to us right now more than ever.

Despite the business risks of taking a political stand, however, we are wholeheartedly supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the only choice for Colorado voters concerned about the future health of our small businesses, families and communities.

Restaurants are community anchors where people come together and share in the dynamic harmony that represents the best of the American ideal. We need to keep them strong and vibrant.

We are convinced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris genuinely care about small businesses and the workers who drive them.

We have always believed in this country, and we are furious that President Trump still refuses to take responsibility or offer any national plan in response to COVID-19. As small-business owners, we know firsthand how President Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic has devastated the Colorado restaurant industry.

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Small businesses are the vital driver of Colorado’s economy: Over 630,000 small businesses employ half of the state’s workforce. In Colorado, 62% of restaurants anticipate needing financial assistance in the next six months to avoid permanent closure.

Many of us who have rolled the dice on reopening had to overhaul our format, shifting to outdoor seating to keep our customers and staff safe. The coming Colorado winter will largely take that option off the table.

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We fear not only for our businesses, which face unprecedented uncertainty, but also for our employees, especially our employees of color, who have been and will continue to be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

President Trump’s targeting of minorities, and refusal to condemn white supremacy, has us extremely concerned for the small-business owners and workers of color who are the backbone of Colorado’s restaurant and hospitality industry. We will not remain silent on these issues any longer.

During this pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about essential workers. The reality is that the farmers, field workers, distributors, dishwashers, line cooks, bussers and wait staff who make up the food and beverage supply chain are some of the most essential workers in this country.


Source:: The Denver Post – Lifestyle


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