Conservative Vanguard, Carl Higbie: ‘Government grossly oversteps with mask mandates’

In response to the liberal freak out regarding the “My Body, My Choice” bill, as usual, the mob has missed the entire point. (LETTER: Mr. Higbie, On Mask Wearing, It’s Not About You, Sept 14, 2020)

Monica Prihoda writes, “What Mr. Higbie fails to realize is it’s not all about him. It’s about community and caring for each other.” Her assumption here is that I’m saying “don’t wear a mask.” That couldn’t be farther from the truth. My contention is that the government does not have the moral authority, or right, to mandate mask wearing for individual American citizens.

The second part of my bill regards the right for business to be able to stay open. As we saw with the recent federal court ruling in PA, the government grossly over stepped their authority in shutting down commerce and limiting gatherings. The Federal judge wrote “PA Gov. Tom Wolf’s coronavirus orders had the ‘good intention’” but “even in an emergency, the authority of government is not unfettered.” After all…we have “the right to peaceable assemble.”

But before I even address that point, I do want to shout out Monica’s all too casual reference to “science!” (subtext: you republican idiot!) without even a cursory attempt to highlight what science she’s talking about. This really seems to be a trend among democrats today. In any case, as show of good faith that I am not the hot headed, knuckle dragger liberals so keenly believe me to be, here are two studies (NJEMand Nature Medicine) that suggest masks do in fact block the transmission of respiratory droplets. Ok, but now what? I’m not trying to argue about the efficacy of masks, but rather the effectiveness of the mask mandates. I am not a doctor, and neither is Monica. In fact, she appears not to have worked in decades and therefore doesn’t have the same economic outlook as those as concerned as I am.

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If she is scared, SHE should take precautions accordingly. But I have my own opinions about whether the general populations’ use of masks may do more harm than good. Ask any of my neighbors, caring for one another as a community ranks pretty high on my list.

What I am arguing against is the mask MANDATE from local, state and federal officials. Even Joe Biden said that he believes a mandate on masks is unconstitutional.

As a philosophical issue it’s wonderful

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