Tom Brady Is Defying Medical Advice to Prove Bill Belichick Wrong

Tom Brady doesn’t care that he’ll be 43 years old this season. The new face of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks more determined than ever to prove everyone wrong. And by eschewing the medical advice from the NFLPA’s medical director, he’s clearly out to prove a point that Bill Belichick made a major mistake by not retaining his services.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick finally divorced after two dominant decades

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For 20 years, Brady and Belichick ruled the NFL. Winning the AFC East became an annual tradition. So did advancing to the AFC Championship. And half the time, the two football icons found themselves playing on Super Bowl Sunday.

As the most successful quarterback-coach combo in NFL history, Brady and Belichick rightfully deserve praise for their individual contributions. However, the debate about which man played a more pivotal role in the Patriots’ success still wages on today.

Ultimately, the power struggle between the greatest quarterback of all time and his unwavering boss finally came to an end this offseason. Of course, Brady only left the Patriots after settling for incentivized contracts in the last few years. The three-time NFL MVP never got the long-term deal he coveted to finish his career in New England.

On one hand, letting Brady walk made total sense from Belichick’s perspective. The offense had grown stagnant, particularly due to the lack of development from young receivers. With Brady gone, Belichick can see what he has in promising second-year QB Jarrett Stidham. It also saved New England a ton of money on a multi-year commitment to TB12.

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However, for the NFL’s GOAT, the opportunity to play with a much

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