The Sussexes are free to name their charity ‘Archewell’ after a challenge was dropped

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If you’ve noticed, I’ve been completely ignoring the Lady Colin Campbell stuff from the British tabloids for months. In March, we did discuss how Lady Colin is writing a “biography” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She’s written other books about the royals, but don’t confuse her with the more authorized biographies of the royals. Lady Colin doesn’t care about any of that. She’s in the mud-slinging business and she loves to talk sh-t, and Meghan and Harry are the best targets she’s had in a while. She’s been particularly unhinged for weeks, spreading all kinds of stupid stale tea and/or false gossip. And I’m choosing to ignore all of it. I find it a bit like the Piers Morgan crap – there are people attacking the Sussexes with such vitriol and false information, it has to be coming from somewhere. Until we know, let’s just deny Lady Colin the oxygen she needs. Because I have no interest in covering her inane ramblings.

Meanwhile, in more mundane news, it looks like Harry and Meghan will be able to name their foundation “Archewell” after all. And instead of reporting it straight, the Daily Mail’s Talk of the Town used the word “humiliate” like five times.

They have had their share of setbacks in naming their non-profit venture – but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally received some long-overdue good news from the American courts. A major challenge to them using the name Archewell, in tribute to their son Archie, has been dropped, saving them from the humiliation of having to come up with yet another name.

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They had faced opposition from the New York healthcare boss Scott Kantro, who wanted to trademark the name Archecares for a rival charity. But they can breathe a sigh of relief, as Mr Kantro’s application is now dead in the water after he failed to respond to a court request for extra information in time. The news comes just weeks after the Sussexes’ first application to trademark Archewell was rejected because their legal team didn’t sign the application form, they failed to pay the fees required and the proposal was deemed ‘too vague’. They have until August to comply.

An insider said: ‘The name is a huge deal for Harry and Meghan. It would have been humiliating if they had to go back

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