Why Chris Hemsworth Felt ‘A Huge Amount of Anxiety’ After His ‘Star Trek’ Run Ended

Chris Hemsworth speaks onstage

Our view of celebrities can often be distorted by the confidence they have to put on as they tackle challenging roles and appear in the public eye day after day. It can be hard to imagine them having issues with self-confidence or anxiety, but the truth is that these struggles are quite common for celebrities.

After all, they’re trying to navigate demanding work schedules, constant scrutiny, and the pressure to succeed at the highest level among elite competition.

Recently, Chris Hemsworth opened up about his own feelings of anxiety when his career seemed to stall out after his run on Star Trek.

Chris Hemsworth is among Hollywood’s leading men

Chris Hemsworth | Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

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These days, Hemsworth is definitely a household name. His time spent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe portraying Thor, the God of Thunder, has provided him with an unforgettable platform that has ensured he will remain firmly cemented in film history. He’s even a contender for “best Chris,” an internet battle that can’t decide which leading man deserves the title: Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, or Chris Evans.

Even before he shored up his legacy by tackling the role of Thor, however, Hemsworth was well on his way to Hollywood fame. Born in Australia, Hemsworth focused on entertainment early — as did his famous brothers — and he found a spot in the action world early on.

His first role was in a 2002 television series called Guinevere Jones, and he portrayed King Arthur. A series of other mostly small television appearances would follow until he landed the role of George Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek film.

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Doubts surfaced for Chris Hemsworth after ‘Star Trek’

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