‘Ozark’: Julia Garner Admits She’s ‘Kind of Happy’ She Didn’t Receive an Emmy Nomination for the First Season

Julia Garner Emmys
Julia Garner | Steve Granitz

Julia Garner portrays Ruth Langmore on ‘Ozark’

The Netflix crime drama

When Ruth Langmore first appeared on Ozark, viewers almost immediately fell in love with her sharp-tongue and southern accent. However, Julia Garner didn’t receive a coveted Primetime Emmy nomination for her portrayal until the second season, which she won. In a Deadline: The Actor’s Side interview, Garner explained why she’s “kind of happy” she didn’t receive a nomination for the first season.

Julia Garner | Steve Granitz

Julia Garner portrays Ruth Langmore on ‘Ozark’

The Netflix crime drama follows financial adviser Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), who must relocate his Chicago-based family to a small town in Missouri to set up a money-laundering operation for a Mexican drug cartel.

The father-of-two ran into local criminals Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) and her family when they attempted to steal the $8 million meant for Marty to begin laundering.

The cunning 19-year-old convinced Marty to hire her as a dishwasher at the Blue Cat, where she initially intended to learn his operation and then rob and kill him.

Who else can hear Ruth’s piercing voice on Ozark from this picture alone…. she is an amazing actress no doubt pic.twitter.com/7RlwBD0p8z

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However, the two developed a close relationship as Marty took notice of the intelligent local criminal and promoted her to his right-hand person. She began to see the financial adviser as a father figure and chose him over much of her own family.

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The dynamic duo worked side by side until the third season when an unexpected relationship caused Ruth to look at the Byrdes differently.

Julia Garner won a 2019 Emmy for performance on ‘Ozark’

In the second season, Marty gave Ruth more responsibilities, even entrusting her with his cash. She becomes conflicted when she has to choose between her deadbeat father, who wants her to kill Marty and steal his money, and her new mentor, who she genuinely trusts.

Ruth consistently proved her loyalty to the financial adviser. Therefore, he left his illegal businesses in her hands and told her details of the cartel operation when he temporarily fled to another country.

#Emmys: Julia Garner wins best supporting actress in drama series for #Ozark https://t.co/nAKOeMzLKN pic.twitter.com/aXV42FLkOC

— Variety (@Variety) September 23, 2019

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