’90 Day Fiance’: Ash Naeck Admits Where He Went Wrong in His Relationship with Avery Warner

Ash and Avery
Ash Naeck and Avery Warner | Instagram @averydopecool


Every castmember on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has made at least a few mistakes. Some of them were just mini blunders, while others were enough to ruin the relationships. Ash Naeck’s mistakes fall in the second category. Naeck was never truly honest with his girlfriend Avery Warner. He was always telling her half-truths in order to make things flow smoothly between them. Since the show stopped filming, Naeck has admitted that he and Warner are no longer together. Here is what went wrong in the relationship.

Ash Naeck and Avery Warner | Instagram @averydopecool

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The issues between Avery and Ash

Before Warner even arrived in Australia, she and Naeck were already having issues because Naeck failed to set boundaries with his female clients. As a relationship coach, Naeck was around women all of the time, many of whom did not know he was in a relationship. Once Warner and Naeck were able to get over that boundary, Naeck threw another wrench into the mix. At one of his relationship seminars he spoke about the ways men and women were different and gave one of the most sexist speeches that has ever been showcased on 90 Day Fiance.

Though Warner was uncomfortable with what Naeck was saying, she stayed with him and went to meet his son, Taj. Naeck had originally told Warner that his ex-wife was fine with them moving Taj to the United States when in reality, she was not OK with it at all. Naeck had also previously told Warner that he had gotten divorced 10 years ago. His ex-wife informed Warner that they really had only been divorced for a year.

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So, Naeck clearly messed up quite a few times in the relationship.

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Taj had so much fun with Avery and the crew . His best day ever taking into account he wants to be a YouTuber . #90dayfiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days

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What does Ash

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