‘The Challenge’ Star Josh Martinez Will Share ‘A Lot of His Personal Life’ for the First Time in Season 35

Josh Martinez

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez has competed in two seasons of The Challenge. Even though he hasn’t made the finals yet, he’s proven he came to compete. The competitor returned for his third season, The Challenge 35: Total Madness, where he claims he established himself as a serious physical and social threat in an Instagram Question and Answer.

Additionally, Josh revealed he opened up about his “family’s struggles” for the first time in any of the shows he’s appeared on as he wants to “inspire” anyone watching.

Josh Martinez | Sonja Flemming

Josh Martinez on ‘Big Brother’

In 2017, then 23-year-old Miami, Florida-based native Josh Martinez, appeared on Big Brother 19. Mistakenly believing he was an early target, the hair care salesman chose immunity for the week at the first Head of Household competition, disqualifying his whole team.

Throughout the first few weeks, he got into several heated arguments with multiple houseguests, including now married couple Cody and Jessica Nickson.

Josh and Paul’s reaction to Josh winning Big Brother 19 #BB19 pic.twitter.com/GAAC5Yc6h6

— Big Brother Feedster (@BBFeedster) September 21, 2017

The 23-year-old then aligned with Christmas Abbott and Big Brother 18 returnee, Paul Abrahamian. However, he began noticing Paul used him to get his threats out of the house, and began exposing the returning player in goodbye messages to evicted houseguests.

Even though Josh contemplated flipping on Paul, he never did and took the musical artist to the Final Two with him. True to his plan, the jury did not appreciate Paul’s many betrayals and gave Josh the victory in a 5-4 vote, making him the first Hispanic American and minority to win the show.

Josh Martinez on ‘The Challenge’

In February 2019, Josh made his debut on MTV’s reality competition series, The Challenge: War of the Worlds. Though he was eliminated in the first challenge, Josh returned as a partner for Amanda Garcia to replace Alan Valdez.

They lasted six more rounds before being eliminated for good. He returned for the following season, War of the Worlds 2, on Team USA. He was openly against Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore’s plan to run the house based on alliances and tried to fight against them.

Josh is walking into a game full of Big Brother alumni and potential allies, which is pretty appealing to these Vets #TheChallenge33 pic.twitter.com/3JTqMfXTbt

— The Challenge (@ChallengeMTV)

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