Tips to decode ‘Pokemon Go’ Go Battle League and help trainers succeed

Having trouble in “Pokemon Go’s” Go Battle League? Trying to find tips but you can’t cut through the jargon? Here is an explanation about what terms such as energy farming, piggybacking and safe-switching means.

The techniques are just tricks that experienced players have learned after hours of playing. They come after fielding a team and knowing the Pokemon matchups in and out. That comes with experience and knowing when to use a charge move, when to shield and when to switch. That’s important now because the Go Battle League is how many players interact with the game during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s also one of the best and safest methods of catching legendaries such as Cobalion and the only way to get rarer Pokemon such as Rufflet.

With that said, let’s start with the basics.

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1. What are the best Pokemon? If you played enough, you’ll see the same Pokemon over and over again. There’s a reason for that. These pocket monsters stand up well in most matchups. They have a great combination of stats and moves that make them devastating against the likes of Butterfree or Tyranitar. How the masses pick their Pokemon is regarded as the “meta.” It’s the state of the game, or in other words “What’s trending,” but that can change as new moves are added or players discover new team combinations.

At the moment, most trainers will run across Altaria, Azumarill, Registeel, Defense Deoxys, and Skarmory . My advice is to find one of them and power them up to below 1500 CP for the Great League. Ideally, find ones with low attack stats and high defense and stamina for the Great League and Ultra League. In player vs. player, it’s more important to max out those

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