The 6 Best Yoga YouTube Channels To Start Your Practice During Coronavirus Quarantine

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It might seem like there aren’t many silver linings to the coronavirus outbreak. But since you’re self-isolating anyway, what better time to start (or strengthen) your yoga practice? Doing yoga at home can help you with COVID-19-related stress, repetitive strain and chronic pain from remote work, and quarantine-induced anxiety.

These yoga-based YouTube channels can get you started with a practice during coronavirus isolation if you’re a beginner, while others will help you stay fit and develop a deeper sense of mindfulness during this stressful time.

Yoga session| Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty ImagesYoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene is one of YouTube’s most popular yoga channels, with well over six million subscribers. And for good reason: each free, guided yoga session is high-quality, cleanly edited, and ideal for practitioners at a variety of levels.

If you follow along with Yoga With Adriene’s frequent 30-day yoga journeys (when a new flow, usually about 20 minutes, is posted every day), you can get a solid practice started during coronavirus self-isolation even if you’re a complete beginner.

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is a yoga YouTube channel for the wellness- and spiritual-minded. Each flow is geared towards a particular purpose, like energizing the body in the morning or quieting the mind during difficult times (COVID-19, anyone?).

There are guided sessions available at every level, length, and speed. What’s more, many of the Boho Beautiful yoga videos are filmed in aesthetically stunning parts of the world, which can make for a fun “virtual travel” experience during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Yoga With Kassandra

It can be hard to establish a solid work-from-home routine, especially if you’re newly working remotely due to COVID-19 quarantine. Yoga With Kassandra can help you get centered in the mornings and start your day energized and refreshed.

This popular channel offers yin and vinyasa flows and specializes in 10-minute morning yoga sessions, which allow you to add some structure and movement into your daily routine.


Julia Jarvis teaches yoga on the YouTube health and wellness channel PsycheTruth. These yoga classes are especially helpful for people who want to use yoga to lose weight or tone and strengthen their muscles. Many of the sessions combine yoga with Pilates moves or ask you to move quickly to aid in fat burning and sculpting.

Sleepy Santosha

The Sleepy Santosha channel

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