The 11 Most Soothing YouTube Channels To Watch During Coronavirus Isolation

Sunset in Wardenburg

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, people around the world are reporting symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression due to COVID-19 health fears, financial worries, and isolation.

It’s natural to feel stressed out during the pandemic, especially if you’re quarantined. But it’s important to maintain your mental health and sense of well-being with some rest and relaxation during the coronavirus outbreak. Give your brain a break…it’ll thank you later!

Give these relaxing, meditative YouTube channels—from lighthearted and satisfying cake decorating tutorials to soothing visuals and nature sounds to help with your insomnia—a try to combat your coronavirus nerves.

Sunset in Wardenburg | Hauke-Christian Dittrich/picture alliance via Getty ImagesBinaural Beats From Greenred Productions

If you’re an overthinker or worrier and you haven’t gotten into binaural beats yet, you should. This popular binaural beats channel has hours of healing music and sound for everything from attempting lucid dreaming to concentrating while you work.

Guided Meditations From Michael Sealey

Want to meditate, but don’t feel like you can get a hold of your thoughts on your own? Michael Sealey’s guided meditations might help you find a new way to slip into a trance-like state. Each session is focused on a very specific purpose, from helping you find your life’s meaning to combating negative thinking or even curing insomnia.

Yoga Lessons From Boho Beautiful

If you’d like to start a new yoga practice or strengthen your existing one, self-isolation is a good time to do it. Boho Beautiful offers free guided yoga videos of various lengths, all in beautiful settings around the world. All of the yoga sessions are themed, with many geared towards deep stretching and calming the mind.

Kaleidoscope Visuals From HDCOLORS

Remember the joy you found from kaleidoscopes as a kid? These lengthy videos allow you to slip into a world where nothing exists but soothing music, intricate designs, and swirling colors.

ASMR Sessions From The ASMR Psychologist

If you’ve never gotten into ASMR videos, coronavirus self-isolation might be the time. This channel is unique in that it features a real, certified hypnotherapist. Many of the most recent videos are focused on offering COVID-19-related comfort, positive thinking, and hope.

Satisfying Slime Videos From The Best Satisfying

Slime videos are a classic for relaxing and calming your mind, without having to make a mess at home yourself.

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