‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Sandra Diaz-Twine Blocks Russell Hantz on Twitter for Blasting Her

Russell Hantz Sandra Diaz Twine

Two-time champ Sandra Diaz-Twine and one time runner-up Russell Hantz haven’t seen eye to eye since she won over him nearly 10 years ago in Heroes vs. Villains. After he blasted her on social media for her performance in Survivor 40: Winners at War, the Queen blocked the notorious villain.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information revealed in Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 7.]

Parvati Shallow, Russell Hantz, and Sandra Diaz-Twine | John Paul Filo

Sandra Diaz-Twine quit ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’

After Sandra Diaz-Twine appeared on Season 39, Island of the Idols alongside Boston Rob Mariano, the two returned for Survivor 40: Winners at War to compete against former champions for a $2 million cash prize.

In the first episode, Sandra Diaz-Twine bought an immunity idol from Natalie Anderson on the Edge of Extinction that was only good for three Tribal Councils. Even though Sandra is currently the only player to win twice, she was not on anyone’s radar and never had to use the idol.

“Survivor, it has changed my life, it has given me opportunities that I might not otherwise have had. I’m happy to go into retirement and know that I did the best that I could…at the end of the day I’m still the Queen and I’ll always stay the Queen.” @SandraDTwine #Survivor pic.twitter.com/2urq62NYYf

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Therefore, on the last day it had value, the two-time champ sold it to Denise Stapley for two fire tokens. The Philippines winner agreed to give her one before Tribal Council and one afterward.

Sandra explained that the other four castaways would vote for Denise, and she should write down either Jeremy or Tony’s name. Itching to make a big move, the Philippines champ played Sandra’s idol on herself and saved original tribemate, Jeremy Collins, with the idol she found on the Sele tribe and sent the Queen to the Edge of Extinction.

Sandra Diaz-Twine and Russell Hantz history

After winning Pearl Islands in 2003, Sandra returned for Heroes vs. Villains seven years later. Placed on the Villains tribe, she sided with Boston Rob Mariano’s alliance over Russell Hantz’s, and the two never got on the same page.

Russell won the Final Immunity Challenge and decided to turn on Jerri Manthey at the Final Four, believing he had a better chance to win over the Pearl Islands champ

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