Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Being Assaulted and Harassed As a Child Star

Reese Witherspoon continues to entertain and impress the public with her acting performances. The beloved star has taken on many different roles since her debut in the acting industry. Her reputation is a testimony to her versatile skill set and charming personality. Over the past few decades the public has gotten to know Witherspoon through Hollywood and some of her other work, but where did it all begin for the remarkable star?

Who is Reese Witherspoon?

Here’s to my brother who always volunteers to be my chauffeur when I’m in town! Love you big bro!

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Though Witherspoon grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, she was technically born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Many people may also be surprised to learn that “Reese” is not actually the famous actress’ first name given to her at birth.

“Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon” was born in March of 1976. Her parents worked in the medical field, and she was raised with her one sibling, David Witherspoon. The two have a very special bond together. In southern fashion, the two have long ago gotten into the habit of calling one another “Brother” and “Sister.”

Witherspoon attended Harpeth Hall, a private all-girls high school. During her formative years, Witherspoon was able to expand on her love for literature and storytelling.

However, that wasn’t all that she was known for. One of her former teachers recalled Witherspoon to be a “funny and fierce” student. She took her studies seriously and was eager to point out social injustices, but she also was known to get herself involved in a prank or two.

In a recent interview, Witherspoon alluded to time during high school where she may have attempted to fill the soda machine with beer. Amidst doing the average things that most teenagers will do, Witherspoon managed to successfully begin building her career as an actor.

Reese Witherspoon’s journey as an actress

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When Witherspoon was a freshman in high school she went on a limb and answered an advertisement that was looking for extras. As fate would have it, Witherspoon ended up landing the lead role for The Man in the Moon.

Witherspoon struggled with deciding to pursue her passion for acting or to follow in her parents’ steps and studying something in the medical field. After receiving a noteworthy

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