Duchess Meghan has predictably banned Harry from visiting his sick father, oh no!

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Did you know that the Duchess of Sussex is responsible for Prince Charles catching the coronavirus? Did you know that she laughed like an American all the way back to Canada, knowing she had left a coronatrap for the senior royals? Did you know that the Duchess is currently flat-out REFUSING to allow poor Harry to speak to his father? Did you also know that Duchess Villainess has banned dishrag Harry from ever seeing his poor coronapapa ever again? It’s all true, and you’ve just gotten a glimpse of the story pitches at the Daily Mail this week. Here’s the first of what I imagine will be dozens of stories about how Prince Charles’ coronavirus infection is all Meghan’s fault or something.

Meghan Markle has forbidden Prince Harry from traveling, including to return to the UK to see his sick father Prince Charles, a source exclusively told DailyMail.com. Prince Charles, 71, tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday and is in self-isolation on the Balmoral estate in Scotland with his wife Camilla, representatives for the royal said in a statement.

The insider said the Duchess of Sussex told Harry that ‘under no circumstances, is she okay with him traveling anywhere right now.’ The source added: ‘Meghan said Harry’s been in touch with his dad… Of course, he’s frustrated. She said they both are frustrated because they are doers and want to do so much more to help.’

Harry last saw his father earlier this month, publicly seen together at the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in London on March 9.

The insider also revealed Meghan told her inner circle that she is looking into fostering a black Labrador named Cole in order to help ease the strain on local animal shelters and rescue groups, and urged her friends to do the same.

[From The Daily Mail]

The dog-foster thing might read as a non-sequitur given the start of the article, but the purpose of it is to draw the comparison: Meghan has more compassion for a mangy animal than her father-in-law. Meghan BANNED Harry from traveling… for reasons! I doubt Harry could even find a flight right now, and even if he could, I doubt it would be recommended by any doctor or healthcare worker. In any case, I bet Harry and Meghan had a civilized discussion about what

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