‘The View’ Fans Drag Meghan McCain After Joy Behar Blow Up

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar starred in another feud on The View. The ladies were talking about Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump trading insults when it took a steep turn. It was McCain that pivoted the debate down a dark road when things out of control. Following the outburst, fans had a lot to say about the Republican pundit.

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain | Jenny Anderson/ABC via Getty Images / Greg Endries/BravoWhat Meghan McCain told Joy Behar

The “Hot Topics” table was hotter than ever when the co-hosts started talking about politics. McCain was seemingly upset that Bloomberg has been gaining traction and expressed her doubt he could win over Trump.

“I think the idea that [Bloomberg] is going to coast through this… You have to win over the mid-west and coal miners and people that are not attractive to the democratic coalition and Trump has that locked and loaded,” McCain said. “And I’m sorry, a guy that wants to take away your Slurpee, is gonna have a real problem in coal-mining towns!”

“And you know what? A guy who wants to take away your health care is even in worse shape!” Behar fired back.

This was the point where McCain lost it and started throwing low blows towards Behar.

“You know what, Joy? I’ve been right about election stuff and you’ve been wrong,” McCain said. When Behar asked how she was wrong, she said, “you thought Trump was going to lose in 2016 and I didn’t.”

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When Behar reminded McCain that Hillary Clinton received more votes than Trump, the Republican pundit tried to belittle the former.

“Does that make you feel good at night? He’s still in the White House. It’s a ridiculous thing to say every single day on this show. He is president, move on!” McCain shouted.

“Everyone on this panel repeats themselves, ok?” Behar replied.

“You’re trying to make yourself feel better, it’s weird,” McCain then said.

“I don’t want to make myself feel better, I want him out!” Behar said sternly to a cheering

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