‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown’s Valentine’s Day Story on Instagram Is the Wholesome Content You Need Today

Hannah Brown attends the 21st Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Golden Globe After Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 05, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California.
Hannah Brown | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

On Feb. 13,

The Bachelor franchise is all about the love, so who better to check-in with on Valentine’s Day than The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown? Hint: The answer is no one. A day ahead of Feb. 14, Brown delivered a truly wholesome story while sharing her Valentine’s Day plans on Instagram. And quite frankly, you won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re desperately trying to grasp onto some joy through Singles Awareness Day on the 15th.

Hannah Brown shares a Valentine’s Day story on Instagram

Hannah Brown | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

On Feb. 13, Brown posted on her Instagram Story and gushed over her new Valentine — sort of.

“I just have to tell y’all how my day was made,” Brown said, beaming. It then took the former bachelorette a few takes, as she stumbled on her words a few times, clearly excited about the events that just unfolded before her. Though it was nowhere near the “finasco” witnessed on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. But we digress.

Brown explained she went to Bluestone Lane to grab some coffee before heading home. First, she saw her favorite person who works at the valet and received a good spot — a rarity in Los Angeles.

Hannah Brown’s Instagram Story | Hannah Brown via Instagram Story

Then Brown said she previously looked up how to deliver flowers to herself as she planned to be her own Valentine. But at Bluestone Lane, Brown saw some flowers and decided to buy those for herself instead. When the barista wrapped up the flowers, he told Brown he would cover the cost.

“I got my Valentine,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, upon her exit, Brown’s favorite valet told the 25-year-old her smile was all he needed to see that day.

“There are good men out in the world,” Brown exclaimed. She also wrote the valet and barista “created hope” for her in the video’s caption.

Is Hannah Brown single after ‘The Bachelor’?

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2019 you were a crazy, beautiful, tragic, magical mess. But, I’m giving you a big thankful hug and letting you go. You brought me a lot of love, some pain, and so many incredible moments that I’ll forever be grateful for experiencing. You are definitely a year I’ll never forget. 2020

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