Beyoncé Is Working on a Super Secret New Project


Beyoncé just launched a sensational collaboration of her IVY PARK athleisure line with Adidas, but she’s only getting started for the year. Following the sensation that was Netflix’s Homecoming, the Lemonade legend has a ton of things up her sleeve.

Since her 2013 self-titled album, Beyoncé had decided that she loves the element of surprise. Instead of allowing us to get our money and paperwork in order, she loves to shock and surprise unsuspecting fans with new music, imagery, and collabs.

Thankfully, there is one person in Beyoncé’s life who wants to prepare us for exciting new things. The Everything Is Love songstress’ mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, just hinted that Beyoncé has a new project on the way.

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Beyoncé’s creative process is extensive

If there is one thing we’ve learned about Beyoncé over the years, it’s that she’s always prepared. In her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, we saw the insane dedication she has to her craft. Quite frankly, her work ethic is unmatched.

The all-around entertainer is involved in every single level of her creative process. Her team knows that bringing Beyoncé’s vision to life is paramount. “With new projects, I get my team together for a prayer,” the “Halo” singer explained to Elle. “I make sure we are all clear on the intention and what the deeper meaning is. I do my best, and I try to push everyone around me to do the same. I eventually give everything I have. When it’s released to the world, I let it go because it is no longer mine.”

Beyoncé’s projects all have a powerful message

From women’s empowerment to #BlackLivesMatter, Beyoncé doesn’t simply entertain for the sake of entertainment. She always has a method to her madness.

“For me, it is about amplifying the beauty in all of us,” Beyoncé told Elle.. “I rarely felt represented in film, fashion, and other media. After having a child, I made

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