TV gig for Felicity Huffman’s daughter raises questions about a ‘rigged’ system

It’s almost as if the college admissions scandal never happened to Felicity Huffman and her family because 10 months after her arrest her oldest daughter, Sophia Macy, has landed a plum role in a new TV show.

CBS announced that it had cast Sophia, 19, in an episode of the second season of “The Twilight Zone,” its reboot of the classic series hosted by Jordan Peele. Sophia, many people remember, was involuntarily connected to the scandal after her TV actress mother was charged with paying a $15,000 bribe to have her SAT score illegally boosted.

Just four months ago, Sophia’s actor father, William H. Macy, described in a letter to the court that his aspiring actress daughter had been “devastated” by the events surrounding her mother’s arrest, prosecution and 11-day imprisonment. The high school graduate was so devastated that she temporarily gave up on the idea of going to college so that she could take a gap year and “regain her equlibrium.”

So, this reversal of fortune for Sophia is pretty stunning. Just out of high school, and without going to college, she’s already getting a head start on a lucrative, fulfilling career.

Sophia Macy, daughter of Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, will appear in an episode of “The Twilight Zone.”

Macy was at the center of her mother’s involvement in the college admissions scandal.

— NBC News (@NBCNews) January 14, 2020

Such fortune may be par for the course for a child of a rich and famous criminal defendant, even for one who pleaded guilty and apologized. To many people who thought Huffman got off easy with her 11-day prison stay, Sophia’s new TV gig offers yet another sign that justice isn’t dispensed equally to the rich and poor in this country.

Many people on social media reacted to Sophia’s casting news with predictable snark, as well as anger at what they see as another example of a “rigged” system and of a famous criminal — and her family — suffering few, if any, consequences of her actions.

“Rich people failing up,” tweeted one person. “Must be nice to suffer zero consequences,” tweeted another.

“The law is only for us peasants. It’s almost like being born into a rich white family is a talent in America. Sad,” tweeted another.

It’s certainly not typical for the children of criminal defendants, who don’t have Huffman’s and Macy’s resources, to fare so well after

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