‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Brown’s Twitter Post About the Peter Weber Reunion Is Such a Mood

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 24.] The Jan. 13 episode of The Bachelor wrapped the endless saga between Hannah Brown and Peter Weber. The ex-lovers reunited at the end of the premiere and left fans wondering whether the former bachelorette would whisk the new bachelor away before his season even began. But ultimately, Weber decided to pursue a new love than rekindling an old flame. That said, Bachelor Nation fans had a mixed reaction to Weber and Brown’s reunion. And following the episode, Brown posted her own response on Twitter, making it clear she has no time for the haters.

What happened to Peter Weber and Hannah Brown on ‘The Bachelor’?

The second week of The Bachelor Season 24 picked up where the premiere ended. Weber previously asked whether Brown would join the cast and the former bachelorette wasn’t sure. Brown also admitted she felt regret and uncertainty after she sent Weber packing on her season.

Then in the new episode, both parties were still confused about their lingering feelings. However, Weber expressed his worry that Brown was missing all the “what ifs” and not him. Again, Brown confirmed she wasn’t sure. And although the two seemed to get closer, almost kissing at one point, Weber stopped anything from progressing further.

“I can’t do this,” Weber said.

Then the two hugged before moving on. “This was not supposed to happen this way,” Brown said, letting Weber go.

Hannah Brown reacts to the fan response to her reunion with Peter Weber

It seems I’m a very controversial subject. Honestly, nothing new here. #TheBachelor

— Hannah Brown (@hannahbrown) January 14, 2020

As expected, The Bachelor fans had thoughts about Weber and Brown’s reunion. And while some viewers want Brown and Weber to be together, others were happy when the couple ended things on the show.

“Okay okay, I know that technically Peter was Hannah’s third choice,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “But I don’t care what anyone says, they’re perfect for each other.”

“Why are people still rooting for Hannah B?? She had her chance. I hope Peter finds someone who chooses him the first time around,” another fan tweeted.

That said, it appears Brown is aware of how her Bachelor reunion with Weber came off. However, the Dancing With the Stars champion remains unbothered.

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