RHOA: Nene Leakes Is Now Being Blamed For ‘Snake-Gate’ By This Former Friend

The “snake-gate” investigation in Real Housewives of Atlanta came to an explosive climax during the latest episode. As the ladies struggled to get friend to the show, Yovanna Momplaisir, to identify herself as the person responsible for recording Cynthia Bailey talking badly about Nene Leakes, tensions reached an all-time high and had almost everyone in a verbal war.

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Momplaisir refused to admit she had anything to do with taking the information to Leakes and Leakes would not confirm that Momplaisir was the culprit in front of the group but did so in her confessional. Momplaisir is now alleging that Leakes is spreading an exaggerated version of the story and she’s not happy about it.

Nene Leakes alleges that there’s a recording of Cynthia Bailey talking badly about her

Bailey and Leakes haven’t been as close this season due to their fallout from Bailey inviting Kenya Moore to her event. Leakes and Moore aren’t friends and Leakes believed Bailey should have given her a heads up. The two argued viciously during the season 11 reunion and have both vented about one another publicly since.

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Things took a turn when Leakes revealed to co-star Kandi Buruss that a mutual friend of her and Bailey’s had an audio recording of Bailey trash-talking her. Leakes claimed to have heard the audio. Buruss then informed Bailey of the alleged recording and though Bailey didn’t deny that she had spoken about Leakes, she was irritated that someone who she considered a friend would record her without her knowledge.

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It was revealed in a later episode that Momplaisir was the one who shared the information with Leakes and Marlo Hampton. During a cast trip to Toronto, Canada, the ladies attempted to get to the bottom of who recorded Bailey in an attempt to sniff out the “snake” of the group. Momplaisir denied any involvement.

When asked in her confessional whether or not Momplaisir was the “snake,” Leakes responded, that Momplaisir wasn’t technically a “snake,” but she “is the one with information.

Yovanna Momplaisir says Nene Leakes is the real culprit behind “snake-gate”

Momplaisir is not happy with Leakes for calling her out for sharing that she was indeed the one who spilled the beans about Bailey’s trash-talking session. She also isn’t taking too kindly for being left to fend for herself

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