Kim Kardashian Reveals the Weirdest Thing Kris Jenner Keeps In Her House

Kris Jenner speaking at the ThinkBIG 2020 Conference

Fans found out the weirdest thing Kris Jenner keeps in her house, and they were not prepared. Just owning this thing is probably the strangest thing about Kris in general. Despite how normal she sometimes seems, fans can’t help but wonder. Given this new information, they may have to reassess all opinions of Kris.

The reveal came on Instagram, courtesy of Kris’ daughter Kim Kardashian. Fans also got to see pics of dinner guest Chrissy Teigen enjoying this totally weird decoration.

Kris Jenner has a life-size wax statue of herself

Kris Jenner | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Yes, a life-size wax figure of herself. In the pictures posted on social media, the thing is sitting in one of Kris Jenner’s living room chairs, with a distinctly Kris-like look on its face. The wax version of Kris shares the real Kris’ style. It’s wearing a black tuxedo, and it has its legs crossed and one arm thrown casually over the back of the chair.

Apparently Kris was given the statue of herself as a gift by the Hollywood Wax Museum. Fans can’t be sure if she commissioned it or if the museum just thought it was something she might like. If the latter is the case, they were absolutely right. Kris loves the statue.

Kris was psyched when her dinner guest, Teigen, couldn’t stop staring at the wax figure. “Okay, Chrissy is obsessed with me. She’s staring at it like it’s me, but it’s not even me.”

The wax statue is by far the weirdest thing in Kris Jenner’s house

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One of my favorite sitting area moments with Liz and my GORGEOUS @baccarat Chandelier!!!! #beyondfabulous #love #baccarat #blessed

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Considering how carefully styled the rest of the house is, the wax figure is certainly out of place. In fact, Kris Jenner’s house is famous for its impeccable style.

Kris was interviewed by Architectural Digest in 2019. She told the publication that she wants her living space to “feel like a sanctuary, perfectly calm and peaceful.” That means a lot of neutral colors, like whites and greys, accented with touches of black.

She’s not afraid to add

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