British Headline Comparisons Between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Explain Why Meghan Quit the Royal Family

British newspapers

It’s hard for some people in the United States to grasp just how differently Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is treated compared to the Duchess of Cambridge. That’s because the media here is vastly different than it is in the United Kingdom. British tabloids are a far cry from the kind you’ll find in your local U.S.-based grocery store checkout line. And one thing they all have in common? They were ruthless in their criticism of Meghan.

While Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge received
glowing reviews for every move she made, Meghan was criticized and questioned
for the exact same actions. Buzzfeed News put
together a comparison of newspaper headlines about the same topics to prove
how badly Meghan was treated by the press.

The results are hard to argue with.

British newspapers | DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty ImagesThese
headlines prove that Meghan Markle was treated differently than Kate Middleton

are dozens of examples
of headlines that could be seen as unfair to Meghan. But one of the worst
was two unique spins on the two women when they were pregnant.

articles included photos of Meghan and Kate cradling their baby bumps. But the
one about Kate was much more favorable compared to the one about Meghan.

From Daily Mail:

March 2018: “Not long to go! Pregnant Kate tenderly cradles her baby bump while wrapping up her royal duties ahead of maternity leave — and William confirms she’s due ‘any day now’”Jan. 2019: “Why can’t Meghan Markle keep her hands off her bump? Experts tackle the question that has got the nation talking: Is it pride, vanity, acting — or a new age bonding technique?”

Meghan’s love of produce didn’t escape criticism. But when Kate ate avocados,
no one cared one bit.

From Express:

2017: “Kate’s morning sickness cure? Prince William gifted with an avocado for pregnant Duchess”2019: “Meghan Markle beloved avocado linked to human rights abuse and drought, millennial shame”

Over and over again, the two women were judged differently for allegedly doing the same thing.

From The Sun:

April 2017: “Prince William blasts monarchy’s ‘stiff upper lip’ tradition and backs Harry’s admission of his mental anguish after death of mother Diana”Oct. 2019: “Prince Harry and Meghan ditched British stiff upper lip — is this a good thing? Sun parents and kids are torn”

These are only a few examples of 20 that Buzzfeed News compiled to prove that it wasn’t in their imagination — Prince Harry and Meghan really were being treated unfairly.

Source:: Showbiz Cheat Sheet


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