A cutting board with different mats for easy cleanup and serum for smooth skin


These are little things I found which look useful and are generally affordable. Thanks to the lists at TwentyTwoThings for some of the ideas for this post.

A pet brush that people love

We’ve featured pet brushes before, specifically the Furminator, which comes in both cat and dog versions and which a couple of you really liked for your cats. This pet brush for both dogs and cats by Hertzko is also self cleaning and is more affordable at under $16. It has 4.6 stars, over 11,000 ratings and an A from Fakespot. The bristles retract so the hair just falls off in a clump depending on how much there is. Pet owners say it’s more comfortable for your pet than the Furminator, that it’s super easy to clean and call it “a miracle for my long-haired cat.”

A big pack of earplugs so you’ll always have them on hand

My mom has adult onset hearing loss from loud concerts so I’m really protective of my hearing. I always keep earplugs in my purse for concerts, fitness classes (why do they blast the music in a closed room?!) and napping on the go. This pack of 50 earplugs by Macks is rated to block 30 decibels and is under $11. I looked through the reviews for several versions of these and the original featured above seem to be the best. People say they’re great for sleeping, that they work well to muffle motorcycle noise, and that they are soft and gentle in the ears. They have 4.2 stars, over 300 ratings and a B from Fakespot.

Hyaluronic acid will make your skin so smooth

We first featured this serum in August. My mom bought it and was raving to me about it over Christmas! She said it made her skin so smooth and she really noticed the difference in her fine lines. This is two ounces of pure hyaluronic acid by trusted brand Cosmedica Skincare for just $15. It has 4.3 stars, over 11,000(!) ratings and an A from Fakespot. Women say that they “notice a big difference with the amount of moisture my skin is retaining” and that this visibly reduces crow’s feet. It’s also said to help fade sun damage and to moisturize skin. You will want to layer it under moisturizer for best results.


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