‘RHOA’ Treachery Exposed: Cynthia Bailey & Kenya Moore Caught Trash Talking

Kenya Beats NeNe! Moore's Return Crushes Leakes' First Time Back On ‘RHOA'


Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore are caught trash talking on The Real Housewives of Atlanta as tensions explode on the show and NeNe Leakes finally gets justice, RadarOnline.com exclusively learned.

As the ladies all blamed a “snake” in the group for stirring up drama, an insider snitched to Radar about the identity of the troublemaker.

Kenya Beats NeNe! Moore’s Return Crushes Leakes’ First Time Back On ‘RHOA’

“Of course, Yovanna is the ‘snake’ they all speak of, but she didn’t do it all by herself,” the source spilled about Gail “Yovanna” Momplaisir.

“Yovanna dishes out so much trash talking, stirring up trouble, but Cynthia and Kenya are in the middle of it all.”

According to the insider, “Cynthia is exposed for co-signing others trash talk. When Eva called Kenya a ‘late in life mother’ and other things, Cynthia laughed. The ladies are finally figuring out that Cynthia isn’t the perfect friend she wants everyone to think she is.”

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The source told Radar that Yovanna, “stays loyal to NeNe so she finally gets justice after all the ladies trash talk her.”

Kenya’s RHOA comeback was full-time drama, the source spilled to Radar exclusively. After she was fired for refusing to film her personal life and her secret marriage to Marc Daly, she returned to RHOA with a $1million pay cut but willing to cause trouble, at any cost.

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“She just inserts herself in every situation and it makes Porsha [Williams] and Cynthia step away from her,” the source said about Kenya’s trash talking that ends up burning her only friends on the show.

Kenya’s marriage problems with Marc became so bad that they announced half-way through filming that they were getting a divorce.

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Radar exclusively reported that they had a blowout fight while filming and they decided to split up after that.

Scroll through the gallery for more details about the ladies on RHOA getting caught up in their trash talking.

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