Northern California woman’s toddler son was inspiration for ‘Nailed It! Holiday!’ New Year’s baby

Fortuna resident Beth Bailey, who won a year’s supply of butter and $10,000 on Netflix’s popular show “Nailed It,” is no longer the only person in her family to appear on the show.

Her toddler son, K.C., who is now 15 months old, was the inspiration for the New Year’s baby cake featured in “Nailed It! Holiday!” that was released on Netflix late last month. Bailey, who was pregnant while competing on the baking show, shared photos of her son after he was born with the production team.

“Everyone was excited to hear about the baby,” Bailey said Monday. “I sent some photos after he was born. Then they told me that’s what they wanted to do.”

Netflix confirmed K.C.’s likeness was used for the Baby New Year’s ball drop cake.

“Beth’s baby was used for the inspiration for the baby in the New Year’s episode that’s currently streaming on Netflix as a part of Nailed It! Holiday! season 2,” said Netflix spokesperson Whitney Bell in an email.

Bailey said she was the first contestant to compete on the show while pregnant, which could be what inspired using her son’s likeness.

She said she sat down with her family to watch the new episodes, saying she “loved it” and it was “awesome.”

Asked what she thought of the attempts to recreate a Baby New Year resembling her son, she said, “they don’t exactly look like my son, but good try.”

“My son is so cute; he is adorable,” Bailey said. “I don’t think anything could look like him.”

The adorable factor was not lost on the contestants on the show or host Nicole Byer.

“Cute Baby New Year,” commented Byer.

Contestant Lora Ramey echoed that, saying, “I think he’s cute.”

Ramey ended up taking home the $10,000 prize after her rendition of baby K.C. won the competition.

With the holiday season in full swing, Bailey said she is making use of the year’s supply of butter she won while competing.

“It’s great,” she said. “We make cookie boxes every year, so it’s perfect.”

She said the butter came in the form of coupons. She also received some cow-themed items including a key chain and an apron that she says she will “treasure forever.”

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